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Small human, Big environment

April 02 2018

Earlier in my career I worked in marketing at another outdoor industry company - and we used to talk about the photographic effect of "small human, big environment."

The idea you'll surely recognize: a picture of people used in an image can give scale to the magnitude of a surrounding environment. It's an effect used frequently to show inspiring landscapes - and for good reason. Nature is humbling.

It was the craziness of daily life in the human-centered world that inspired the idea of the "Last Exit". It's the thought that the wild world begins beyond the pavement and the people - in the lands beyond. There's the little voice inside that's always summoned me outside ... for peace, for solace and for recharging.

As I've grown older (not up), that has become a much bigger priority for me. Especially now as a father. Just as I have indelible memories of my Dad taking me to the places he loved in nature - to fish, to hunt, to horseback ride days into the backcountry where I swear I saw all the stars - it's a new lease on life to see the awe in my daughter's young eyes as she builds her own relationship with the outdoors.

And that's why as a business owner in the outdoor industry, it's a priority for me to band together with others who care about our public lands in order to protect them. This month of April, we're joining in on the #WeKeepItWild campaign in support of our good friends at The Conservation Alliance, an organization working to permanently protect land and waterways in North America for their habitat and recreation values.

Creating, not destroying: Wildernesses, Wild & Scenic rivers, National Monuments, National Wildlife Refuges, National Conservation Areas, National Forests and National Parks, is of huge importance to us - in the hope that future generations will continue to have the chance to experience the reality of Small Human, Big Environment. 


Throughout 2018, Last Exit Goods will feature unique items in our catalog with our Create, Don't Destroy, Public Lands design - and donate 100% of net proceeds of these items to The Conservation Alliance's Public Lands Defense Fund. 

Photo credit: Devin Balet

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