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Last Exit Canteen - 24oz.

$ 25.00

In our experience, it's difficult to find good domestic suppliers of most everything ... this is doubly true when we went looking for a dependable daily water bottle to bring to the mix. Like so many industries, most of the "name brands" are made by just a few manufacturers in Asia with some questionable manufacturing practices. Say it ain't so? It is so.

We were incredibly excited to become acquainted with Liberty Bottleworks out of Washington State. They are living the inspirational Made in the USA journey as a company: they employ veterans, they use 100% US-sourced recycled aluminum (BPA-free, of course!), they're a Zero Waste factory and, most importantly, the bottle opening is the perfect size for mouths. Novel idea for a water bottle, right?

In true Last Exit fashion, our bottles are imperfect. They are made from unpainted "naked" aluminum which makes each one unique with signs of its journey on its way to you. 

  • Holds 24 oz.
  • Green snap-action lid ensures a perfect closure every time
  • Easy to stash.

 Made in USA

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