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'Get Caught Out' Zippo

$ 30.00

Since 1932, the Zippo lighter has been there as a faithful American-made sidekick to those who face the unexpected. It's as minimalist as it comes, and absolutely tried-and-true to deliver a spark even in the harshest of outdoor conditions. 

While the Zippo came of age with our grandfathers in WWII, in the Vietnam war, soldiers took to customizing them with their own personal mottos. Inspired by that idea, we're excited to feature our first limited edition piece of gear with a motto of ours: the reminder that it's not an adventure unless you "Get Caught Out" in the elements. With this piece in your gear box, you know you'll still be able to light your kindling and fire up the stove, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. 

*Note: Lighter fluid not included. Readily available at drug, grocery or outdoor stores. 

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