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Otter Wax Rosemary Mosquito Repellent

$ 8.00 USD

Everywhere we roam during the Summer months, the no-see-ums are sure to follow. 

In our experience there are only two effective bug repellents on Earth (that don't contain DEET): one is Victoria's Secret "Amber Romance" perfume (a Louisiana Shrimp Fisherman's Secret, as it were) and the second is Otter Wax Rosemary Mosquito Repellent. One of these doesn't make you smell like you just got a visit from "Cinnamon on Stage 2."

A blend of pure essential oils that naturally repels bugs, mosquitoes and insects, this all-natural formula contains no DEET, petroleum or synthetic chemicals. It's safe and effective for all: smells great, works instantly, and (most importantly) won't set off any unnecessary inquisitions on where you were last night.

2 oz. Travel Size // Made in Portland, USA.

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