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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

While the world grows increasingly complicated, America has become the culture of the disposable good. We like the cost-saving big box store and 1-click/2-day-shipping of anything one can imagine. Somewhere in the quest for convenience and saving time, we've lost connection with the awareness of where our "things" come from. Quality is less of priority.

Taking a peek inside my closet not long ago, I realized I was a part of the problem. Origin labels on some of my favorite outdoor gear brands, and even some of my daily-wear favorites, read: Singapore, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Mexico and China. This was an eye opener.

American history is rooted in people using their hands and machines to create and innovate, but over time, some realized those creations could be made cheaper overseas. I had never really thought about what my purchase decisions were saying about me; I am complicit in this cultural shift. 

The American manufacturer is an endangered species.

While I certainly can't change where I've been, awareness is a good thing. It's time for a course-correction. So here we are in July of 2015 at the start of something. I'm getting off the paved road and out on an uncertain journey to be both a conscientious consumer and contributor.

Wherever possible, I will make an effort to support American businesses who take on both the risks and costs in making their goods stateside. In addition, I'm going to contribute to that ethic by being one of those businesses. Quality and simplicity are core tenets of my work - bringing it back to working with my hands and carrying on personal relationships with our customers who share in the Last Exit outdoor lifestyle. 

I've always felt passionate about the potential of business to influence good. As such, it's my stated interest to be a values-driven organization: 

Last Exit Goods is a minimalist goods outfitter for your life in the lands beyond. We curate quality and functional goods, Made in the USA, and we will do our part to protect the rivers and wild places we love.

This is my Last Exit.

Ryan Mayo


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