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What happened?!

What happened?!

Hi there - Ryan here. It's May 26th, 2024 - and you might look around and get worried that things look a little different around here on the ol' webpage? 

Well, not to worry ... I've been at this thing full-time for almost NINE years now. And it's simply time for a little facelift - a nip here; a tuck there. It's time to dial it back a touch to get ready for what's coming soon...

I'm lucky enough to have been doing this job full-time since 2015, and one of the biggest learnings that I am processing is that I can/should do a better job with telling my story. This continues to be a one-man operation, run out of a small workshop - and I build and pack every single order. Sadly, I have no Oompa Loompas to assist; it's only me. 

There are certainly benefits and drawbacks of such a structure, but one of the benefits is that I get to interact directly with all my customers. Aside from being a Dad, nothing makes me happier. Truly. 

Of course, one of the drawbacks is that at times this becomes overwhelming for me to manage. But instead of bitching and moaning about having success at doing what I set out to do with Last Exit, I'm leaning into a new idea of how I can continue to do this in a more sustainable way.

Going forward, the only avenue to purchase Last Exit Goods will be through my online channels - the webpage mainly and possibly social media (if I can figure it out). 

Right now during this transition period, it's not exactly business-as-usual BUT I am continuing to offer our best selling wallet styles (and a few other accoutrement) for sale. If there was an item that you had your eye on yesterday and now you can't find it? That's why.  


Well ... "a whole lot more" is my answer. New stuff, new materials - and lots of really limited edition items that I've been working on for a long time and it's finally time to bring some to light. This is where I encourage you to head over to the Last Exit YouTube channel and subscribe so that you can be the first to know what's up. 

More to come later this Summer. Thanks for reading - and I'll be seeing you soon.

Cheers, Ryan


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