Quality Leather

We at Last Exit Goods go out of our way to source the best leather raw material possible, all from domestic US sources.

Inherent in any full-grain leather products are variabilities in color and textures among even the same item. Included in this variability are frequently some small "character" blemishes that tell the stories of its past life as an animal. These are unique to each piece, and, what we believe, make each a true one-of-a-kind. 

Snug fitting pockets on card cases and snug belt fits are normal at first. With age and use, your Last Exit product will take on its own attributes of your story - the way you wear it and the oils from your hands from daily use will eventually help it shape a beautiful patina. Please be advised of this inherent nature of leather when purchasing. 


In taking care of your leather piece, usually a damp soft cloth and horsehair brush can solve most of your cleaning and polishing needs. From time-to-time over the life of the product, you may find the need to clean and replenish the original oils of the leather. 

Just be aware that using other leather oils, cremes and cleaners can have darkening effects on your items. We cannot be held responsible for improper use of leather oils and cleaners. We suggest testing products in an inconspicuous spot first.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like help in finding the right product for your needs. hello (at) lastexitgoods (dot) com.

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