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New belt? Here's how to find your size.

New belt? Here's how to find your size.

We take the responsibility of holding up your pants very seriously.

Since we make our belts to order, one at a time - and so we get you the right sized belt - we've got a little how-to tutorial video for you with some simple steps.

You'll need: a measuring device (tape measure, long ruler) + a belt you already own.

  1. Measure from the leather fold behind the buckle to the hole you use the most
  2. Write that down (use decimals if you want!)
  3. Choose the belt you want to order
  4. Select the closest size in the drop-down, and Add to Cart
  5. In the Checkout screen, feel free to write in your accurate measurement in the Notes section
  6. We'll get to work!


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