In-secret Menu

More than secret?

If you're familiar with the (in)famous In-n-Out Burger chain, then you probably know that they have lots of options beyond their basic menu that are not advertised. It's informally known as the secret menu - but the cashiers will gladly fulfill your request. (I recommend the Double-Double "Animal Style.")

The truth is: we're always coming up with new ideas for products that haven't quite made the main page - sometimes its because we only have a *little* bit of a material, and sometimes we find ourselves un-earthing some old lost favorites.

But the point is - this is the spot for our nearest and dearest. And that's you. We've now created a section of the website that will ONLY be visible to our Newsletter subscribers through this link, and never visible from the main website navigation.

Things you see today might not be there tomorrow; and we're certainly going to be adding more fun things to the mix as it makes sense.

We're always open to your thoughts and feedback - so definitely reach out. But we thought this might be a little extra fun. Thank you again.

Feel free to keep the secret to yourself - or share it as you see fit.