Special Edition Wallets

Well isn't that special?

Call us mountain nerds if you must, but we've got a fondness for topographic maps.

There's something humanistic about them - like a fingerprint of the land, the contours of each mountain uniquely its own. So it should be with the wallet you want to carry.

The art is hand-drawn and then digitized to the computer - and through magical means, we're able to etch the art into the exterior of our Animas Wallets. With a great array of map options for you to choose from in an ever-growing list of ski resorts, and promonent high peaks, the wallet will turn heads.

Just like our original lineup of minimalist wallets, each one is hand-stitched to order right here in our Colorado workshop. We build them to be the last wallet you'll ever need to carry.

If you don't see a map you wish we offered, please feel free to reach out to us!